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About Us

URWAR is a distant payment system that allows users to pay for products and services anywhere they are. This new ecommerce portal provides the most convenient and safest way to do business with merchants or service providers. It delivers a cashless payment solution to meet the growing needs of customers.

URWAR is not your ordinary distant payment system. It does not only allow you to pay for products and services wherever you are, but allows you to pay for your friends, family and loved ones. 

How Does it Work?

There are actually four major players in the process, including the Buyer (the user who pays for the service), the Consumer (the one who avails the service paid for using the platform), the Merchant (who provides the services), and URWAR (the portal that manages the transaction.)

Buyer will upload money to URWARportal and pre-approve a certain amount for a registered merchant or service. Then, he/she will assign friends or family to avail the service. The portal will then notify the merchant or the service provider about the pre-approved funds to be consumed by the consumer. Once the consumer avails the service, there will be an invoice made through the portal and payment will be made to the merchant through a bank transfer.

With this new distant payment system, people who live far from their family and loved ones can help provide service for them by pre-approving money at any local merchant or service.

For example, if you want to pre-approve a $100 worth of dinner for your parents for their anniversary at a local restaurant at their neighborhood:

  • Just go to URWAR portal, upload $100, look for a registered merchant and select a restaurant, along with the details about your parents, the date when they could avail service and pre-approve a $100 worth of anniversary dinner.
  • Your parents and the merchant will receive a notification through email and/or SMS. They should go to the merchant location on the date intended to avail the service.
  • Merchant will then upload the invoice to the portal or send the invoice directly to URWAR through text or email. URWAR will get the approval from the buyer.

  • Then URWAR transfers the money to the merchant. 

The merchant can be any registered service provider or shop. It could be anything from a restaurant, dining shop, café, or even a plumber. URWAR enables you to purchase services for your loved ones and family wherever they may be. This will give you peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that you can always provide your loved ones the service they need no matter how far you are from them.

If you are in the middle of your journey and run out of cash or lost your credit card, thenURWAR can be your lifesaver. By simply calling a friend or a family member, they can search for a registered merchant or service provider near you and make a pre-approved payment, so you can avail the service you need without any hassle.